A very tasty way to contribute to the Foundation

One of Marina del Rey’s favorite eating and drinking establishments has generously offered to contribute 20% of your dining bill to the Sailing Foundation when you eat at TonyP’s Dockside Grill from June 28 to July 2.

It doesn’t cost you a thing and you get to enjoy TonyP’s fine food and drink at their beautiful dockside setting. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner! All you need to do is present a “Dockside Dollars Fundraiser” coupon to your friendly server before ordering. (Of course, this does not include taxes or your thoughtful tip… but, still, what deal!) Just click on the link below, save and print out the PDF that displays, and separate the coupons to share with friends, family, or business associates. All the details are noted on the PDF.

TonyP’s Dockside Dollars Fundraiser Coupon for SMBSF

Enjoy a wonderful meal and support the Foundation’s efforts to provide funding for all types of aquatic activities on and around Santa Monica Bay. And thanks!

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